Best OSINT Links on the Internet!

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General OSINT References
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Breach Data
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Open source information is that which is publicly available i.e. information that any member of the public can lawfully find or obtain. This site provides numerous free and paid resources of several types and categories for researching and analyzing open source information.

Open source information can be divided into six categories:

  • Media: print newspapers, magazines, radio, and television from across and between countries
  • Internet: online publications, blogs, discussion groups, citizen media (i.e. – cell phone videos, and user created content), YouTube, and other social media websites (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This source also outpaces a variety of other sources due to its timeliness and ease of access
  • Public Government Data: public government reports, budgets, hearings, telephone directories, press conferences, websites, and speeches. Although this information comes from official sources they are typically publicly accessible
  • Professional and Academic Publications: information acquired from journals, conferences, symposia, academic papers, dissertations, and theses
  • Commercial Data: commercial imagery, financial and industrial assessments, and databases
  • Grey literature: technical reports, preprints, patents, working papers, business documents, unpublished works, and newsletters